Auditor - QMS ISMS

PT SGS Indonesia

Deskripsi Pekerjaan/ Job Description

  • To plan and conduct professional audits (third party audits or other type of audit) in accordance SGS’ procedures to enable delivery of assessment and certification services that meet customer requirements and appropriate accreditation standards
  • To conduct assessment work with the goal of assisting clients improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the systems through the assessment process, this includes exceeding customer expectations in the auditing and assessment functions and providing a continual network system of follow-up and support to the client.
  • Plan and conduct audits (desk-based or on client’s sites) in accordance with established procedures (SGS Global Procedures and Local Procedures), maintaining a high standard of service delivery that ensures effective customer relationships. This will include third party audits (certification, surveillance, and recertification, and other required audit visit), second party audits, or other type of audits.
  • Conduct all the necessary follow-up with clients to ensure clients clearly understand all of the requirements of the auditing process and the status of their contract.
  • Complete all chargeable work within the required budget and timeframes to ensure customer satisfaction, efficiency of the business and completion of SGS procedures and accreditation requirements.
  • Ensure completion of all assigned work and relevant documentation in accordance with required procedures and standards to fulfill customer expectations
  • Provide accurate and timely reporting as required by line management to ensure required objectives defined in Key Performance Indicator is achieved
  • Enhance client satisfaction and ensure compliance with standards
  • Undertake personal professional development and ensure appropriate training records and personal logs are updated to maintain relevant auditor registrations and relevant industry knowledge
  • If required, carry out internal audits of individual auditors (level 1 audit), functions or offices (level 2 audit) to ensure internal compliance with relevant standards
  • If required, to provide technical support and staff training to all parts of the business to enhance the service capability of the business
  • Develop the skills required to present standard training courses and upon approval as a tutor deliver such courses as per SGS specified requirements.
  • To manage personal expenditure required to fulfil the role in order that customer relations and profitability of the business are not compromised
  • Ensure full compliance with the SGS Code of Integrity & Professional Conduct, and at all times adopt behavior in accordance with non-disclosure agreement and SGS Codes of conduct.
  • At all times, adopt a safe behavior by exercising due regard for the health and safetyof yourself, colleagues and clients, in line with the SGS policies andprocedures.
  • Report any customer complaints, problems and or system deficiencies to direct superior and Manager’s superior or Business Manager
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree /University degree of Computer Science/Information Technology
  • Minimum of 5 years workexperience
  • Other specific working experience as required the specific Global Product Procedures or LocalProcedure
  • Passed appropriate Registered Lead Auditor Course
  • Other specific training as required by specific Global Product Procedure or Local Procedure
  • Excellent communication manner including interpersonal skills using several media such as e-mail, telephone, verbalcommunication
  • Ability to read, write and speak Englishfluently.
  • Ability to work with minimumsupervision
  • Logical approach to problemsolving
  • Ability to write clear and concise reports inEnglish
  • Proven ability with computer application such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Spreadsheet, and other requiredapplication