Corporate Secretary - Senior Officer

PT Prudential Life Assurance

Deskripsi Pekerjaan/ Job Description

  • Providing Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners and Shareholders meeting (governance forum) inclusive planning, invitation and logistic support
  • Attending governance forums to take minutes of meetings inclusive resolutions of the Board of Directors and Commissioners as well as Shareholders for both regulars and ad-hoc meetings inclusive to maintaining or administering such document properly.
  • Maintaining and update corporate records, licenses and registers of the Company in compliance with the prevailing applicable laws and regulations.
  • Providing legal advice on corporate and legal requirements for key corporate actions, such as declaration of dividends, appointment of directors, commissioners and DPS members, and others.
  • Maintaining and updating corporate documents and licenses
  • Liasing with external corporate counsel, Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners, Syariah  Council Board and shareholders to secure various approvals.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree from a reputable university majoring in Civil or Corporate Law.
  • Minimum 2 years working experience in banks or insurance companies as corporate legal and or corporate secretarial.
  • Indonesian’s civil & insurance law and regulations
  • Able to operate Microsoft Office, Excel, Power Point, etc.
  • Good communication skills both in English & Indonesia with board members and other key persons of Regional office.
  • An action and detail oriented person with skill to manage and coordinate various document filings.
  • Able to discharge her duties with reasonable supervision.