Estate Manager

PT Agro Harapan Lestari

Deskripsi Pekerjaan/ Job Description

  • To manage estate under his supervision in accordance with the group plantation policies and ensure that it is maintained in good agricultural condition.
  • Responsible for the execution of the budget program for the estate.
  • Responsible for the preparation of the budget (for approval by the management and the directors) and ensure actual expenses are within budgets.
  • To regularly monitor productivity of harvesters and overall productivity in terms of executing budget programs, and devise and implement operational tactics to improve same.
  • Maintain proper coordination between the estate and the mill to enable timely and efficient transfer of FFB and minimise on stock levels at both ends.
  • To ensure adequate operational controls exists at plantation level, and wastages and losses are minimised.
  • To ensure harvesting and despatching of crop are carried out according to the regular time intervals in an effective and efficient manner, whilst ensuring the target yield levels are achieved from each of the plantation fields coming under his estate.
  • To ensure crop quality through regular supervision of the harvesting practices, collection of loose fruits, bunches not harvested, ripeness of the FFB bunches etc.
  • To implement plantation related activities such as fertilising, weeding, pruning, planting programmes etc., during the scheduled time periods as recommended by the Managing Agent.
  • To ensure proper allocation of labour, estate vehicles and other equipment among the different fields and different activities so that the optimum level of productivity is achieved from the utilisation of the available resource to their maximum.
  • To provide routine reports to the Management, relating to the attendance of the labour, utilisation of labour, vehicles and machinery according to the activity-wise and the plantation location wise and other regular information relating to the performance and progress of the target activities assigned to him. Also he shall submit estate level performance/progress reports and other agronomy data to the Head of Plantation and Head of Agronomy on a regular basis.
  • To ascertain the requirement of plantation materials, timely ordering them, ensure their proper utilisation and maintenance of records relating to the material utilisation.
  • To arrange wage payments to the workers and ensure that the payments are in accordance with the nature of the work performed, time involved and other statutory requirements.
  • To ensure that the estate staff are motivated and disciplined.
  • Minimum Bacheclor Degree of Plantation (Agronomy)
  • Minimum 5 years experience in Plantation Industry
  • Willing to be placed in our unit  at Kalimantan