Product Development Staff

A&W Restaurants Indonesia

Deskripsi Pekerjaan/ Job Description

  • Technically execute product development program on:
    • Development and management of the customer/customer trend
    • Initiate product development and its all parameters
    • Develop procedure for new product development and existing material
  • Consumer trend
    • Provide all documents for customer survey
    • Running customer survey
    • Provide all reports related to product survey
  • Product development
    • Documentation for new material (RM/PM)
    • Running analyzes on parameters of new material (RM/PM)
    • Provide sufficient information/data for NPD launch I.e costing
    • Running panel test for material
  • Procedure
    • Provide sufficient information to training dept. on NPD
    • Running evaluation on cleaning effectivity
    • Running evaluation on Food Safety standards toward reference I.e FDA
  • Graduate from food technology, biotechnology, chemistry
  • Fresh graduate / 1 year experience
  • Mastering computer (writing and spread sheet)
  • Basic analytical skills
  • Basic research skills
  • Mastering analytical software will be an advantage